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Dark period (almost black) for months now Missed period

Hi all,

I am now 24. I started my period since I was about 10 years. I always had a consistently late period. My period always came about 1 to 2 weeks late. But since it was always that way I didn't see that as a problem.

Now since June this year (2012) I have been getting very dark colored period almost like black. Even when I wipe it is this dark color. It last for about 3 days. Normally my period is really red and last a total of 7 days (including the light days) so that was weird for me. But i searched on the internet and found many people saying that this was normal so I didn't worry.

I've also been having (also since June) sort of slimy discharge during the month. It looks kind of like snot (like what you get when you blow your nose if you have a cold). It's sometimes a little yellow but mostly just clear color. It happens very often. Mostly all the time.

I have a long distance relationship with my boyfriend. The last time we had sex was July 17th. After that I came back home and haven't had sex since. I kept having this black period since June until now.

I've taking a test for sexual transmitted diseases which came out positive (meaning i have no diseases). I have had a fungal vaginal infection in May and got a medicine for that. But i researched that but it didn't show anywhere that it could cause this sort of black period.

The last time I had that period was on september 3. Given my usually late period i should have gotten my period between october 1st and 14th. But now it is october 20th and still no period. I'm now starting to worry about this.

I do not think that I am pregnant otherwise i would have missed my period in august already. But to be sure i will buy a test when the drug stores open on monday. I am also not experiencing stress (no more than normal anyways) so I don't think that's it.

I thought i post this to see if anyone has an idea of what is going on with me. Otherwise i would keep on worrying myself like crazy.

So please let me know if anyone has had this or if anyone has any idea of what is happening.

Thanks in advance.

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