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Re: Pleaseeee help. im at the end of my rope :(

Originally Posted by Worrybucket View Post
Ok so....

Today I went to my gastro Doctor. I went in armed with my list of questions.

I asked him if he thought my problems were due to an infction in my bowel/stomach. He thought it may be small intestine bacteria overgrowth but wanted me to try some other things first before he put me on antibiotics.

So I am taking domperidon/motilium 3 x a day for a few weeks, as a scan I had has revealed my bowel is very slow to digest food, this should speed things up a little which he thinks will help the upper gut. I also told him I have some constipation now so hes told me to take epsom salts, which apparantly will make things below happen quicker. ( my Mother said that it will make me go a LOT quicker) !!

I am going to have a SIBO breath test done and I am going to try until i see him in eight weeks again. If this settles things then fine. If the SIBO test comes back positive he will start me on an antibiotic course, if not we will have to keep looking again.

m really hoping the domperidone helps, but im not sure whether that will help the wind and gas I experience, unless thats caused by the food taking so long to digest. So fingers crossed.

I feel a little bit happier as i am seriously worried i have something serious going on and he has reassured me he feels there is nothing sinister happening as i have no typical symptoms and all the tests so far have come back ok.
Worrybucket, You might also want to get some blood/lab work done for your pancreas; along with liver and kidney function. My kidney function was abnormal, which has the propensity to throw off everything. Especially your kidney function. My inadequate kidney function causes lots of gas, constipation, pain, bloating and fluid build-up in my face, hands/fingers and legs. Just a little food for thought. Hope things work out well for you my dear. GOD bless; remain strong and be diligent in your quest for optimal health; thus, a better quality of life.