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Exclamation ashamed! to say i have pcos to friends :'(

i dont no if anyone else here feels a little ashamed and embraced to say they have problems ttc because of pcos. i cant face my friends when they say o why have you not started having a family im sick to death of having to answer i dont want children yet too much stress or because we like our freedom! when really wev been trying for about 5 years! im sick of answering the same questions over and over again! if my OH is taking me to my appointments at the hospital im always questioned what they are for and i just dont no what to say! if anyone else asks me when where going to start having baby's i will scream at them! not an inside the head lady scream i mean a full hearted man scream! as loud as i can! someone help please before i bite some of my closest friends head off! i cannot just say im having problems tho i already feel like not a woman because of it i dont want them looking at me differently or anything i just cant do with it!
maybe i just needed a rant im not sure but what i do no is im reduced to tears because of this bloody subject again!

im so sorry to thoes who are reading this! i really am im sure in one way r another u do no how i feel! maybe i should do an anonymous blog or something! day in the life of someone with pcos trying to conceive and failing! catchy title i think! o dear im ranting again! i guess i can all tell im lonely and have no on to speak to about this life goes on! thanks for reading my rant! if u have one of your own you are more than welcome to post about it!

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