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Does this make sense?

I went to the dermatologist for the first time for my vitiligo. She sent me for bloodwork. Came back slightly abnormal my ana was 1:40 and my ra factor was 14. Ssa and ssb normal. Pattern was homogeneous. I also have hypothyroid. Never tested for hashimotos. I was referred to a rheumatologist. She originally said she was going to order additional bloodwork but she wanted to see my labwork from my last physical. She got the labwork from my july physical and because it was all normal she wants to wait to january to do more testing. This doesnt make sense to me if i have abnormal labs now wouldnt it make sense to test now? Those labs were from three months ago should i just wait it out or see someone else? Does it make sense to wait? I dont know mych about autoimmune and never seen rheumatologist before this week.
Symptoms: fatique, muscle spasms, headaches, shortness of breath, gerd, palpitations, eye floaters, generalized pain, occasion light flashes in eyes

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