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Re: abusive relationship/ narssistic personality

I experienced the exact samething you did. The actual day i "escaped" him, he was going to put me in the trunk of his car and make me go with him all accross an entire state.I was lucky though, I made a lot of noise that day. my neighbors came outside and was kinda keeping an eye out for me.I will never forget that threat he made to me that day, saying he was putting me in that trunk and going to his families house to live.I was just like you, no money, no nothing. i left him though and never looked back. I prayed and praayed for the strength to stay away from him. i had left before and always came back to him..but not this last time, he'd raped me the night before at his sisters house, that was it for me. i had put up with so much abuse from him. from him forcing sex on me"rape" to weekly beatings, kept away from any family or friends. He would always tell me that i needed to be submissive to him, that everything was always my fault, even when he's knock me out cold, it was all my fault! he was for sure narcisstic. it ran in his family also. All of his male cousins, everyone of them have been to prison for rape or murder, what does that say? I am very glad that you got away from this monster and never went back, that's wonderful. I always say a prayer for the abused women who haven't got out or away from their abusers.