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Re: first time college student parents

Get busy. Do something like a hobby or start spending some "ME" time. It is a new era for both YOU and your child. While it is fine to tell them that you miss them too, don';t let it become a case of them feeling guilty for being away.

Be there to talk when they need to, send some prepaid phone cards or cell phone credits etc. Encourage writing letters or emails and talking about each day. Reply promptly and look for the positives.

Your child is now a young adult and heading toward a great future. YES, send care packages. Include things you KNOW they like, photos of things YOU are doing, if they see you are doing things and still have time for them, they won't feel left out by being away.

Send occasional silly tings, if you enjoy serious fun. Nothing makes their day more then to get a package from home and find something utterly ridiculous in it. Use your imagination on that, it does depend on you and your young adult.

Most importantly, encourage your child, when you talk to him or her, let them know just how proud you are of them being at college, and talk of their future.

As I said though, make sure they know that you are still thinking of them, but also that you have started doing new things as well.

Good luck.

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