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Re: new labs, advice please (part 3)

so ... here I am again.

the lattest labs are
TSH 0.11 (so went a bit up)
FT4 1.12(0.54-1.24)
FT3 3.94 (2.50-3.90)

6 weeks 75 mcg ptu; 162 mcg T4 + 18 mcg T3

my mainsymptoms are:
- Physical fatigue does seem to be less intense, better even but it depends, can still feel pretty tired, mainly no stamina maybe, don't seem to get to anything some moments yes the other completely not. (also the reason why I cannot help out on the board as I would like to, sorry about that)
- mentally seems worse, draining, dragging, everything and everybody gets on my nerves, get on my own nerves, donít know how to keep myself. Dark thoughts even, that really so is not me. Cannot deal with things (and a lot is going on so thatís not helping,), normally Iím a good problem solver but now everything seems too much.
- Bloating (extreme, 6 months pregnant) abdominal cramping, constipation
- Tearing eye upon wakening
-Clammy moist hand and feet
- Trouble falling asleep (averagely around 3 a.m.; the other day at 6 a.m. even) needless to say this does not help with the fatigue;
-(cystic) Acne on chin
-Heartrate sometimes kinda normal (whatever that is for me but tendency to being elevated
- metal taste, dry mouth
-Stuffed nose
-Sometimes cold chills again, but not like a normal feeling of cold, itís something I would describe it as a feeling like my blood is frozen but it comes in shocks kinda; (cannot describe this properly)
-More easy warm too, too hot (for example at night in bed) or when I walk the stairs (the latter one also shortness of breath but not too bad, has been worse)
-Occasionally numb hand or feet but much better

I think it's important to give this symptoms since some appear to be uhm hypo. then again we know symptoms can be deceiving.

Also the previous labs (6 weeks prior)
TSh 0.09
FT4 1.13 (84 %) 0.54-1.24
FT3 2.92 (30%) 2.50-3.90

At the time went up with 6 mcg T3 and that makes me end up when I'm currently.

sigh this stuff is driving me crazy.

Anyway advice is appreciated, thank you in advance!