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Re: Dull, constant pain on right side

Originally Posted by gingersnap1976 View Post
I had a dull, constant pain in my left side. It took several months and several tests (chest x-ray, CT scan, blood tests, and upper endoscopy) but I have finally have a diagnosis of autoimmune gastritis. I did get more digestive pain as time went on but it started out as just a dull abdominal pain. Doctors tried to tell me it was muscle pain for almost two months but I kept persisting. So if you haven't had an upper endoscopy, I would see if a gastro doctor would be willing to do one. Especially if you have anemia (finally found out the cause of my anemia - I don't have instrinsic factor for vitamin B12).
Thanks for the reply and thoughts on it. I've had these symptoms for years. Yes, years but I've just dealt with it. At the end of the day, the only solid evidence I have is the gallbladder scan that showed sand or sludge in there. I'm at a bit of a loss, but it seems I'm due to go back to the GI. I'll bring up your autoimmune gastritis suggestion. Thanks again.

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