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Hi JeffUK and all those who are reading this. I am now fully 2 weeks past the last tablet of Atenol i took. My heart rate has stabilized although i still get an occasional bump upwards after a decent meal and my BP at the doctors office last Thursday was 120/80. I seem to have higher readings at home but generally averages about 130-140/80. I added a 40min walk to my routine every day and reduced my salt intake. I feel much better and know that in another week or so i will feel even better. All; this after i felt that the world would end when i stopped the damned drug. So anyone who is going through cold turkey with Atenol and is reading this please know that it will get better. I have also lost my fear of high BP. I learnt as much about it as i could and am now committed to changing my lifestyle and reducing the risk factors that i have. The problem with us modern humans is that we expect a small pill to cure us from a life of abuse to our bodies. It simply does not work that way. Nature has provided us with all the remedies that we need. We just need to learn how to live a bit like they did in the old days. Good clean unprocessed foods with a lot of activity in our lives and most things will take care of themselves.