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Elevated liver enzymes, pain under right rib cage, coarse texture on ultrasound

I was first told I had elevated liver enzymes (AST/ALT) at the beginning of 2008. For the year and a half prior I had been battling an eating disorder, taking two types of diet pills, one dose of Tylenol per night (tylenol pm to get me to sleep), and had lost my period for a year. I had cut out many food groups and was exercising a good 3 hours a day total on about 800 calories/day.

My doctor told me to stop taking Tylenol to see if they enzymes would go down. They remained elevated a year later despite the fact that I hadn't a stitch of alcohol in years and refrained from Tylenol use. I also started eating very well as I got pregnant in March of 2008 and couldn't imagine harming by baby through my bad eating habits.

I started taking the birth control Yaz in January 2009 (first time ever being on birth control) and have been taking it since.

I had a liver ultrasound in 2009 which came back clear. Enzymes stayed elevated, though have never been too high. I don't entirely avoid alcohol, though I'm not a heavy drinker.

I started getting pain right under my right ribcage around March of this year. The pain is not constant but it is more frequent now than in March. It's mostly a dull ache like something is stuck under my ribcage with an occasional stabbing pain that takes my breath away.

We just moved so I started seeing a new doctor a few weeks ago to inquire again about the pain. He tested my enzymes and saw they were still elevated. My AST was in the 70's and my ALT was just over 100. This is not the highest they've been but they've really bounced all over the place since 2008, only once going just above normal (both were in the high 40's this May). He didn't have my full records yet from my previous doctor so he re-tested for all types of hepatitis and had me do a liver ultrasound.

I got my results back today. I again tested negative for all forms of hepatitis. Liver ultrasound showed a coarse texture but no masses/tumors/lesions or anything else specific to anything in particular. My doctor ordered for a CT scan of my liver which I'm getting done this coming Saturday.

No other symptoms of anything really though for the most part. My legs itch a lot (not due to dry weather, it's nice and humid here in Florida haha!) though there is no rash, and I'm really tired all the time but that's about it. Whether that is related or not, I don't know.

I just sort of don't know where to go from here. I don't know the questions to ask or what may or may not be helpful for me. My previous doctor left me in the dark about everything and anything I know is from research online. I don't know if this is or isn't a big deal. I'm kind of just asking for a little reassurance that I am going in the right direction here and any advice on how to help myself through this and be aggressive to get the answers that I need would be helpful.

Thank you to all who even read that enormous post I just wrote! -Kathryn.

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