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Re: Disc Protrusion L5/S1

To all posting in this thread....try to stay strong and avoid surgery until it is the absolute last resort. I've been posting here as I have struggled with herniation and nerve inpingment for several years, at L5/S1. My last episode has caused numbness in left leg and foot....BUT.....I'm getting better. Having given in to FMLA from work, 4 injections this year, tons of patience and persistence in doing exercises and going to PT....just hang in there if you can.

I may one day end up on the surgery table....but not yet. Be your own advocate, ask lots of questions even when you know your doctor may wish you were not so long-winded, and listen to your own body. That's my best advice.

There is lots of good information on this board and I appreciate everyone who comes back and posts good results....whether they have chosen surgery or not, because everything positive helps everyone of us.

I hope we all continue to feel better and stronger...

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