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Re: Looking for surgeon to remove Pituitary Tumor

I assume you're asking from the US, but I will give you my feelings from Canada because I fear that I will die from a large tumour myself.

If it's possible to do such a thing, the only guy in the world I would trust would be Dr. Daniel F. Kelly at the John Wayne Cancer Institute in California. He has answered questions for me even in Canada although I haven't yet been able to get back to him with all the details because the waiting period here for the diagnostics he suggested (the type that should've been done many years ago) was very long and I'm still waiting for a few months yet.

This guy is really on the ball! He cares about people and is super intelligent! One day I hope I will be able to afford treatment from him because I would be too scared to get it done anywhere else.

The only problem with seeing him from Canada is that Canadian doctors get very upset when people go to the USA for treatment. They tell patients that if they do that, their case will never be handled in Canada again. They say they don't like to mess with another person's work because it can be dangerous.

I don't know what happens to Americans who have ever seen a surgeon in the USA and then move here permanently. I guess they will be forced to go back to the USA each time they need treatment? Either that, or they have to return I guess.

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I have been diagnosed with a microadenoma.A small tumor.I am not sure if I am gonna need surgery but am looking for a Dr. on the East Coast.I would like a Dr. that does not pack your nose because I am clostraphobic and the thought of having my nose packed up is making me having a hard time to breath just thinking about it.I have read online that there is some kind of surgery that they do not pack your nose.Is there anybody out there that can help me.PLEASE HELP ME ...THANK YOU

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