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weird physical problems showing up while trying to process emotional effect of rape

ok, this is super embarassing to post, but I feel like a freak.

I have been processing being raped, and processing it a little bit, sort on my own, and trying to get counseling help (but my insurance is being terrible and the counselor I was working with moved away just as we began to talk about this).

I have started to have um... well... I keep waking up having wet the bed. My time of the month is also very very abnormal. I fin***y told my primary care doctor, and he already knew I had PTSD, but not from what and it is more than just the rape). His first question in response to my embarassing nocturnal bladder probelms and abnormal periods was to ask if I have been raped. I stared at the floor and blurted out yes.

He gave me a refferal to get checked out further medic***y, and also is helping me find a counselor too. I am *freaked out* about seeing a doctor about any of this, or a counselor.

I feel like a freak. Has anyone ever expereinced anything like this? COuld this re***y be related to the rape? somekind of psychological / somatic way my body is freaking out?

sorry if this is super disgusting to post about.


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