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Re: Working out 2 days a week, need help with a routine

To get real benefits working out in limited time twice a week you need to be looking at compound exercises with sensible warm up and long cool down to keep the tone you want.
For the pretty beach look rep ranges need to be either 3 x 10, 3 x 8 or 10, 8, 6
Higher rep ranges will not activate the slow twitchers enough, lower is more functional power less aesthetic.
Example is below, obviously change this based on limitations of equipment. Be warned this is not a beginners workout, it assumes you are reducing days not starting from scratch.
Warm up 5 minutes aerobic activity, running, rowing cycling etc.
Basic reach stretches for mobility, reaching up and back (carefully), up and to either side, forward and down. Each are only 5 seconds, and you need to focus to ensure as much of your body is engaged by these stretches.
Affects legs, back, arms, shoulders, neck, core
High pulls - lifting from the floor to under your chin while standing up with elbows staying above the bar and coming onto toes as you lift.
Affects legs, back, arms, shoulders, neck, core, chest
Affects legs, back, core
Bench Press
Affects arms, chest, shoulders
Standing shoulder press (soft knees)
Affects arms, shoulders, chest, core

Most looking for the beach body will not be happy without som arm curls, they will not be needed after this but if you want to add them go for standing alternate dumbell curls twisting from palms facin your legs to facing your shoulder at the top and back on the way down.

Cool down 20 minutes aerobic activity. Only training twice a week will mean you need this to keep your body able to function at a decent intensity.
Stretches I will leave you to find out as they are hell on earth to describe in type. You will have worked everything and unless you want to be immobile the rest of the week you will need to stretch everything well using static, non-ballistic, stretches.


If this is pitched too high let me know and I will scale it down. To do so I will need to know where you are now fitness wise.

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