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Re: Scared of losing a loved one

Originally Posted by wonderwalk View Post
Thanks, boobootwo.. I have read one of Eckhart's books 'The Power of Now'. Books do help me find solace (currently reading Conversations with God)... I know Dad is no longer suffering and I thank God for that. It killed me to watch him slip into coma. It was one of the worst things... not knowing whether he could understand me, hear me... I didn't know if he was in pain. I try to be practical about this and think hes not in pain anymore. But I just miss him so much. I think I am this scared because we were having a good time, with the marriage preps, when luck took a cruel and unexpected turn. You are right, I will not be able to cling onto my family forever. I just want to gradu***y get over with being obsessed like this...
time heals pain. eventua l won't feel so much like pain anymore....just very fond and happy memories. you're stronger than you think you are and you do have angels...always remember that. don't be afraid to contact me anytime you want to chat...okay?

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