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Re: Feel very guilty about spanking my 6 year old daugther.

Something I just thought of...maybe try a goal setting chart. I know rewarding children is also very controversial, however, setting goals is something everyone should do as long as they live. So maybe she gets a star for everyday she behaved well....didn't talk back, did as she was told, etc. to reach a goal. The goal could be, she gets to go to that birthday party Saturday or is allowed to keep that play date after school, or watch her favorite movie as planned for Friday night. The goals could be things already in place. Maybe the goal is simple...I don't lose any privileges for that day. Good job! Not going and buying a new toy or providing rewards. Just keeping on track to keep a goal that she wants to achieve. She would need a certain amount of stars to reach her goal. Since she is six, short term goals would maybe be best to start with, a whole week could be challenging for that age. You know your child best, so think about that first. Just an idea.