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Is it venous leakage if I Can maintain erection with constant stimulation for 5 mins?

I've been having quite a scare lately regarding my erections, I'm 29 years old and healthy, don't have a sexual partner for a long time. About 2-3 months ago I had spontaneous and firmer erections that can stay for awhile on their own. however spontaneous erections started disappearing altogether and maintaining an erection without direct stimulation is almost impossible. I can maintain an 8-10 erection with direct constant stimulation for about 5 minutes then it subsides because it feels forced. note that I'm not over-masturbating. And now I'm scared of the implication of this when I do have sex again

I get solid erections during sleep and still get morning wood..But it goes away a few seconds after standing up.

Is this consistent with venous valve leak ?

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