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Originally Posted by Stupid feet View Post
Can I ask you why you can't see a doctor? I wish there was something I could say to help you. Do some Internet research and see if there's some kind of vitamin that naturally helps mood or depression.
Ok, This is my story. In my house we are practically on lockdown, were not allowed to go out unless it's with the family and we hate going out with my dad so if we do it's only 1s every 2 weeks or even a month. To get myself out of this annoyingness I love to shop, so I would do it online but my allowance is only 20$ a month and they finish in a day so I'm always broke. Depression doesn't exist in my culture...if tht even makes any sence. If I say I'm suffering depression everyone will laugh at me. I don't drive so my dad takes me and brings me back from school, but school isn't an option if I only take 2 classes Monday's and Wednesday's and 1 class tues and thurs so I have to lie to my parents even abt tht. I have a 4 hr break and the school is so small that I just sit on a chair the whole time cuz I have no car to sneak and go out. I have no friends to talk all and my sisters and brother have been ******* me off so bad. Like today I told my sisters to make up an excuse of y they are going out and come pick me up from school so we an hang out. Instead, they used tht excuse when I came home from school only for themselves so they went out while I slept! I'm still sooo mad at them and they don't even care! My bro lives in Indiana but wen he came here for 2 days I wanted to hang out with him so I told him to pick me up secretly during my break and he said he would but wen the day came, he didn't and wen I came home he didn't explain himself and later tht day he went back to Indiana without saying bye. I asked my sis and she said he came up with so many diff excuses of y he doesn't want to.. Wen he called 1 day and I picked up the phone I was a little over it and instead he yelled at me because I was telling him to hire his voice since I couldn't here him. Thts basically all I got for now so u see how I'm so alone and unhappy and y I need this. If u have any other ques pls feel free to ask.