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Re: Depersonalisation & depression caused by inner ear problem

I know what you are going through.
Keep in mind my opinion is not professional (I am not a Dr.)

Once one or both of your inner ears malfunction you very quickly realize just how important these tiny little organs are. You only have to read a few of the posts here to realize that.
They give your brain information on body position, orientation, acceleration etc.
This allows your brain the freedom to tend to other functions like, learning, emotion, work and a thousand other things.
Once the signals from the inner ears stop or start to malfunction your brain is forced to deal with the task of compensating for this loss of reliable information. Walking upright in a straight line is not so simple anymore and you soon realize how much brain power it really takes to do that.
Your brain is now forced to take on additional very hard work that it never really had to do before.
This extra work load can cause mental overload and fatigue.
Add to this you are now scared, worried and anxious as you wait for various tests and their results.

All of this can really wear you down and you end up in an emotional rodeo.
What you are feeling right now seems to be a very common side effect of inner ear function gone wrong.

I know it's not real pro advice or analysis but I have been there and done that.
Your strange feelings of detachment, brain fog, depression etc. will pass.

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