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Re: Depersonalisation & depression caused by inner ear problem

Hey sorry to hear what you are going through! I'm experiencing the same problems at the moment. It's been on going for over 3 months. I've tried to stay positive but it feels like everything's been taken from me and its impossible for me to enjoy life. I'm a real sad sack and don't really like being around anyone because it makes me depressed when I see everyone else enjoying their normality. The foggyness and third person feeling is driving me insane I wake up constantly during the night hoping that a miracle has happened and that I'm back to normal.....sounds crazy but I'm left with no real options. It's hard to explain to people also because they can't see a broken arm or a bandage they don't really understand what your going through.

I really hope you have recovered or getting better because I know how much it sucks!

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