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Re: Depersonalisation & depression caused by inner ear problem

Thanks for replying both of you. It helps to know I'm not alone. An update: I'm now only getting dizzy when I do something unusual (going out at night, going into town etc). It's true that you need to push yourself to get used to your environment. I'm fine at home and going to local shops now. The depersonalisation has majorly improved too. So it does take time and little efforts often.

But now my depression has worsened from a flat-to-everything mood to a constant low mood and severe spikes of depression. Yikes. I'm usually very positive and happy. I'm sure it will pass in time, but it's very difficult right now. I'm a recovering alcoholic, so it's bringing up thoughts of drinking. I had to call Samaritans last night because I needed to talk. I do have a depressive past though, so...

I guess it will all get better with time and doing the right thing - I just would like a timescale as it's difficult to feel [email protected] everyday without an end in sight. I've no doubt I will get back to normal, but it's a trying time right now. Thanks for listening - and it does get better!