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Re: Disc Protrusion L5/S1

cfiiman...I'll add my thoughts here. I'm 59...and I'm doing everything to avoid surgery, and I am getting better. I agree with adopastos. I will only do surgery on the absolute last resort notion....if I ever get to a place where nothing else helps anymore.

Yes...injections and PT can help...although everyone is different. Try not to jump to surgery until you have tried other things. I have had 4 injections this year, although in earlier years I had fewer and I was fine for a period of 5 years!

Traction at PT helps me alot. I do McKenzie exercises and I've added exercises for herniated disc from the book Pain Pete Egoscue.

Some people do just go to surgery...but for myself, I will avoid it completely as long as I can. Best of luck to you.