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Re: Disc Protrusion L5/S1

Originally Posted by Calin View Post
cfiiman...I'll add my thoughts here. I'm 59...and I'm doing everything to avoid surgery, and I am getting better. I agree with adopastos. I will only do surgery on the absolute last resort notion....if I ever get to a place where nothing else helps anymore.

Yes...injections and PT can help...although everyone is different. Try not to jump to surgery until you have tried other things. I have had 4 injections this year, although in earlier years I had fewer and I was fine for a period of 5 years!

Traction at PT helps me alot. I do McKenzie exercises and I've added exercises for herniated disc from the book Pain Pete Egoscue.

Some people do just go to surgery...but for myself, I will avoid it completely as long as I can. Best of luck to you.
Thanks for your advice, here is my problem currently, what "level" are you guys at activity wise? I need to be able to walk a few miles at a time you know, I have a Doberman Pincher that needs to walk and it is tough only being able to go to the end of the block and back and even that hurts. I guess what I'm saying is if I could just walk a decent length then I would absolutely agree on holding off, but what if you can't walk/stand very far/long at all? How can you live life like that? Also my docs keep saying "take it easy", what does that mean? I know I shouldn't be playing soccer or lifting weights, but what about walking, even if it hurts, should you just push through the pain? If you are not suppose to push through how will you ever progress with activity? It seems like a circular logic with no out, I need to exercise, but am not suppose to so I don't really get it and I'm frustrated.