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Originally Posted by Stupid feet View Post
I wish I had a magic cure for you. Can I ask what nationality your family is?
Try to do things, even at home, that you enjoy. You can "window shop" online if that makes you happy. Are you sure there isn't a medical clinic at school you could visit during your 4 hours in between classes? I'm so sorry your parents don't see depression as a real disease.
Try and make some friends at school, I'm sure you can if you make a effort. You can be out of your house when you're 18. Can you get a part time job and start saving some money?
Keep in touch!
I really appreciate Ur help and time thank u so much it means alot! What is window shopping? We don't have a medical clinic at our school and my sister is with me all day anyway. It's hard to make friends because I don't know anybody that is like me, theyre mostly over respectful since I'm different and some are racist but I like it there anyway, nothing against them I love their personality and kindness but I feel like theyre too respectful and I want to be around ppl tht accept me for who I am and let me be comfortable around them, I just want to be treated normal even though I love the school, very professional and everything and the ppl are so nice too nice, I just wanna fit in. Anyway moving out at 18 isn't an option here, my sis is almost 26 and she still lives with us, in my culture u have to get married to move out and dating isn't an option either, it's usually arranged and u do get time to get to know him but its still not the same. I do wanna meet my man along time be4 marriage. Cross my fingers. I've never been with a guy so Idk.
Working is ok in most families but in mine my parents don't work cuz dad just had a kidney transplant and my sis won't give her check to my dad so he said none of us are allowed to work.. I've never had a job. u might not have the power to help me but Ur prayers will do me good. Im Arab. I hope I'm not sending a bad message of Arabs cuz it's not really like this for most ppl I mean in every culture there are the strict parents. I know I'll find my way & ill live on hope.

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