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Re: Unexplained rash on neck

Originally Posted by saunders1989 View Post
Hi. I'm am trying to work out what is the cause of my neck rash. The best way I can describe the way it looks is I guess like heat rash. Kind of Blotchy and itchy.

I have been to the doctors and to see a dermatologist and have had a patch test done but came back negative. I have cut everything back from shampoo to deodorant to roll on.

The other thing i am taking is tetracycline 300 which is for acne. I know a side effect of it is a rash but I have come off that drug for over a week and haven't seen any signs of it getting better. I also asked to change to doxycycline. I am unsure what the rash could be. The doctors have also prescribed me a mild steroid and although that helps it from being itchy it doesn't fix it.

Any advice would be so grateful! (I know this does talk about acne but do wonder if it's allergic to something as the rash is only on my neck)