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Re: Fentanyl Withdrawal/Pain Pump-Removal

Originally Posted by tortoisegirl View Post
Welcome! Sorry I am not familiar with this. So your doctor doesn't have this sort of information? You may be getting mixed signals as there are several ways of doing this, and your doctor may want to continue to taper you until you are further down. I'd ask them directly what the options are. Are you planning to switch to a patch or orals, or go completely off?

I'd think at some point it would be good to switch you over to an oral or patch so you can self taper (or maintain a dose and have the pump removed). If you were to turn it off at any dose, you'd go into withdrawal. I seem to remember reading they have to fill it with saline until they can surgically remove it though. I'm curious what your long term plan is. Most people who get pumps put in do it as they have no better option. I haven't heard someone saying they are sick of being attached to it. Was the dose not sufficient for your pain? Best wishes.