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Re: Skipping beats

I have been off all flour products and all sugar products. Very little caffeine, no fried foods or spicy foods since the middle of Sept. I am taking Magnesium and an enzyme with meals. also taking GABA for anxiety (that is working pretty) and 5HTP to help me rest. Some days I can say things are better, other days still not so good. The skipped heartbeats still go on. I can not pin point any particular food but it is always after I eat.. (1 to 2 hours) It starts with just feeling like an air pocket it my upper stomach then goes up till there is a skipped beat.. sometimes several before it balances out some.
I still have not gone to a cardiologist. I don't have the money for that and dont' have insurance. It is still scarying me somewhat and is down right miserable. I have had a hiatal hernia in the past, and an ulcer. I have GERD and IBS (I am a basket case!) Ever tho these things are scary and miserable. I can't help but think it has to do with my digestive system. I drink water alot now.
The whole diet is completely new for me because before this I ate mostly flour and sugar products, very seldom ate fruit and very few vegetables. I drank coffee and ice tea. So my whole entire diet is completely different.
I can say... besides the stomach ache and skips. that I do feel better as a general all over feeling.
I do experience this more during the week when I am working, which I work from home and spend long hours at the computer and on the phone. I have had a back injury so as the week goes by, I am in more pain and more skips and upset stomach as well. I have to work and working from home is best for me, but long hours is rough. I am able to get up and walk around the house some during the day, but that is limited to staying close to monitor my computer screen watching for calls. I do fix my moms lunch every day and take it to her house at noon (she is next door) but besides that, I am pretty limited on exercise.
Will continue on the diet and hope this clears up before long, I thought changing a diet like this would take a couple weeks to adjust too.. wrong! I am still trying to adjust lol