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Originally Posted by Stupid feet View Post
I would never think bad of your culture, that's who you are
Window shopping is shopping but not buying... Pretend you have a endless amount of money, go online and look at everything you would buy. Put together outfits, shoes, accessories and a extremely expensive bag, but just for fun. Maybe write it all down, add it up and see how much you could spend if you could. It would pass the time and daydreaming can be fun. I'm just so sorry you are going through this and there's nothing you think you can do to get help. Maybe you could buy some books on happiness, that might help. Keep in touch and please, keep your head up. It will all work out for you!
It means so much to me tht I finally found that one person that will listen, give me great advice, and care. Thank you so much for showing me wat my own family and environment tht I'm surrounded by couldnt show me. I feel like nothing will ever work because when I watch a movie, read a book or even look at things tht I luv but can't afford, I start feeling bad for myself and it hurts more thn just sitting and doing nothing. This is how life was meant to be for me, I have no way of changing it. I wish I can meet someone that will make me forget my misery, tht will love and respect me so much, make me so happy that happiness becomes my biggest problem. I wish this world was full of peace and equality were there was no cruelty. I wish life has better plans for me in my coming future & wishing alone for myself makes me greedy so I wish great health and wealth to everyone with all gods blessings. May this world give me just 1 day of joy were I can say tht was the day if my life. Can u believe tht I've nor ever had a good day. I honestly sit here and try to think posive but nothing good ever happened to me in the past so I hope and pray fir the future. I can't thank u enough for supporting and being here with me during my tough times.