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does this happen with others?

so i've struggled with depression for about 5 years, and i was on medication for about half of that time. I've been medication free, roughing it on my own, for about a year and a half.
i originally came here to ask for help with dealing with a family member with serious personality disorder, but recently i've been falling back into a depressive state that i haven't been in for years.
I'm used to the mild depression nagging at the back of my mind, and coming up when i'm really tired and stressed out. usually a good cry, some exercise, and a full meal set me right again. But its not happening.
I get irritated by absolutely everyone, and feel like putting my fist through a wall. I feel hopeless and like quitting college and my job and just curling up somewhere without moving or talking or eating.
my sleep cycle is all messed up, i want to go to sleep all the time, but when i find the time to curl up and nap or sleep i get fidgety and can't, and then i find it almost impossible to get up in the morning. the only thoughts are "why should i?"
i haven't been in cognitive therapy for about 9 months because we couldn't afford my therapist anymore... but now that all of this is hashing up my severe depression, i'm thinking if maybe i should start seeing an individual therapist again. I'm also wondering if i should get back on medication (even though im really against it) because i can't do my work properly, i can't even get enough motivation to make food for myself let alone do essays and research projects.
is having relapsing depression common?

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