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Re: Skipping beats

Thank you for your reply. I have tried to find places that work on sliding scale to pay and have ran into brick walls. I am given numbers that no longer work. Very discouraging to say the least. I have seen a doctor, he heard one skip and did an ekg that didn't pick up any skips, The doctor said the ekg was good. He ran blood test and said the test were all good also.. I asked what was next and I got this deer in the headlights look and he said I could see a cardiologist if I want to.. but he offered no other opinions. Even tho I left with no answers, I feel like if he thought it was something to worry about, he would have told me to get to a cardiologist asap or put me in the hospital, regardless of insurance.. I am not real sure about that tho. He did not say to come back after any given time either. Pretty cut and dry.. ekg good, blood test good, and the little physical he did in the office was good. All he said was to cut down on caffeine.
This is very bothersome to me, but it isn't constant. Sometimes I go for days without any skips, some days I feel several.. like maybe up to 10 a day. It is always when my stomach is bothering me tho. And the skips dont happen every time my stomach bothers me either.. just some times. I feel like if I could burp alot it would go away, and sometimes it does.. but alot of times I don't burp and it just gets more bothersome.
There has been times I will drink Alka Seltzer.. and I hate that stuff lol It alone makes me sick.. but drinking that makes the stomach stop hurting and skipping stops too. I just hate that stuff lol
Thanks for the help. I will look a little further to see if there is aid in my area but so far I haven't found it. I know that once a year a mobile unit comes thru and does heart checks for a reasonable price so will be watching for that again, but it was just a few months ago that it was here. So that will probably be a while now. Even if I can find when they will be in a different area maybe. Will do some research. Thanks again