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Re: Skipping beats

I am drinking water, which is something I very seldom did before. (I am on well water and it has been tested good, no floride, no chlorine) I am drinking minimum of 80 ozs a day. I weigh 150 which is down 10 lbs since this has started. I have not eaten any condiments, ketchup, dressing, mustard, mayo etc. Very little cabbage or broccoli as it causes gas.. I have had some, but not much. Have had a few nuts and dried fruits. Mainly eating fruits and veggies, a little bit of meat, not much of that, but some. (I am not a big meat eater anyway) I am not eating past 6:30 which makes me go to bed feeling like I am starving because I am use to eating late. I would think I would be use to not eating late.. but so far, still feeling starved by 9pm. Now I am eating to often probably. I do have a snack (fruit) between meals, so I am eating more like every 2 to 3 hours really. I will try to cut that back to 4 to 5 hours.. I just feel starved all the time. I try to eat mostly high alkaline foods also. Exercise is a big problem for me.. with the back injury I had years ago, most exercises will leave me in bed for days afterwards. Back then, the doctor said to only do some walking but don't try much more because of the injury. (herniated disk, degenerative disk disease, arthritis thru the spine) I do know I need to move more but working all day does make that difficult most the time. Stretching exercises at my desk is about all I get thru the day and a little walking around the house. I do have a cup of coffee once or twice a week - which I use to drink 2 or 3 cups every morning. And I use to drink ice tea all day - now very seldom.
Today my stomach started bothering me about an hour after lunch. (salad) I didn't really do what is called the hiatial hernia massage, but pushed in hard right under my ribs in the center and it stopped.
Thanks for your help and suggestions.. I have spent years eating what and when I wanted and fruits and veggies were very seldom touched. Guess it takes longer than 2 weeks to repair the damage I have done. I am impatient, I want immediate results which is something I am not seeing, it is better, but not gone.
Thanks again