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Arthritis at 41?

How unusual is it to have arthritis at 41? There's no redness or visible swelling anywhere, but I have joint pain and stiffness that started suddenly in July. I've been on anti-inflammatories going on three months and they seem to be working. I missed my dose yesterday (couldn't remember if I took it or not, so I assumed I had to be on the safe side) and by last night (and far more so this morning) my shoulders, wrists, and hands were feeling very stiff and clumsy.

The orthopedist x-rayed my knees, hips and lower back last month and said there's visible arthritis in my hips and lower back. He sent me to physical therapy for my back pain and sciatica, and I just started that a week ago. So it's too soon to know if it's going to help, but my therapists are scratching their heads and saying I'm a puzzle where the pieces don't quite add up.

My GP did the basic blood tests when this all started, and he said nothing unusual showed up. Should I ask to go and see a rheumatologist anyway?
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