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Re: Coming off oxy and depressed help!!!

Hi Matt

So glad to see you posting here. :-) Reaching out for the help of others is a wonderful step in recllaiming our lives and souls. :-)

I, too, came off opiates (and benzos). I tapered, but any road we take to get off is difficult. I will share with you some of the things that helped me along the way.

I learned to look at every tough symptom not as a withdrawal symptom, but rather a symptom of healing. The symptoms we go through are caused as our bodies and brains work to restore themselves.

I had a mantra that truly helped... it was given to me by my doctor... 'Everyday I am getting stronger and better."

I reached out not only to other drug abusers, but to private counseling also. I had deep, deep hurts and a lot of grief to deal with buried inside me. The drugs were allowing me to try and hide from the issues. As I faced each issue headon and came to terms with it, I became stronger emotionally and mentally and spiritually. Every addict has hiddedn issues that wwe try to hide from in a drug haze. Deal with the issues and the drugs are not needed.

I learned to understand that withdrawal is a process. There is a beginning and there will be an end.

The end of withdrawal is not the end of our work, but the true beginning. It signals the time when we must learn to live on Life's terms and not run from them. Truly, the year it took for me to detox first from Oxycodone, then Xanax, was the greatest time of learning about myself than all my other years combined.

Matt, you can do this. Truly. I am 6 years out now and drugs are just not a part of my life or thoughts anymore. Well, i guess it must be some part of my thoughts in that I continue to come here to share and remind myself that my life is so much fuller again. I don't just exist anymore, I live.

It's all waiting for you, my friend.
With all good wishes and support

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