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Exclamation Someone help me, please.

2 1/2 months my doctor, my mother, and myself had SUSPECTED I had ovarian cysts, and perhaps endometriosis, this was never confirmed, since I have not had surgery for them to check. My symptoms were as followed(while on my period): Extreme/Very severe lower back pain, inner vaginal pain(insertion of a tampon was unbearable), and I couldn't "#2" either, it was the most pain I ever felt, it was like, when I tried to release(sorry to be graphic) the pain shot up back inside me, and I'd just stop, and wouldn't poop for days. My doctors had perscribed me 4months of birthcontrol, and said we'd discuss other options if the pain did not go away. I am on the first week of my 3rd pack. Since I had started, I have had spotting everyday, if not a little heavier. Also, if I didn't have spotting my discharge was always an abnormal color(yellowish brown), but no itch. At the moment the excrutiating pain I had felt before starting birth control has started again today, minus the bowel issues, but the lower back pain is very severe. I don't know what to do, I just want this taken care of. I'm 16, in my senior year of high school, I don't need any added stress. Any advice, tips, suggestions? anything would be appreciated, please help me!

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