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Re: Arthritis at 41?

My husband was diagnosed with arthritis at 45 with a blood test. He had no visible signs, like you, but was in a lot of pain. He was on methotrexate for years. In his 50's he began to feel better and wanted to try going off all medicine (was worried about side affects of long term use) but his doc was 100% against it. Couple of years later, a new doc told him that he could try stopping and so he did (I don't remember the details of how quickly he was tapered off, maybe a few months?) He got off the medicine without a problem and has been prescription drug-free ever since. He has achy days and takes a couple of aleve several times a week, but he's had no bone real disfigurement, just a tiny bend in one finger that isn't noticeable unless he points it out to you. He is 61. He always went to a rheumatologist and I know he thought some were better than others!

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