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Re: Someone help me, please.

Originally Posted by theuniqueldy View Post
Wow, this sounds very much like what I experienced when I was even younger than you are. Even though I would skip for months my periods were only 3 days but the pain was so severe when I did get them I was often hospitalised. Attempting to use a tampon was out of the question. To make a long story short, I was told I had Stein Leventhol and later in life when I was 25 I had surgery for what was to be a oophorectomy but was found to be engrossed with fibroids and ended up having to have a hysterectomy,
Has your doc checked for fibroids? Good luck hope it gets better soon
Thanks for the relatability, it's hard to talk about with my friends, because they just don't understand, and they haven't checked my fibroids, all they did was a standard digit check into my vagina and thats it.