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For the first time

Last night I had an awful time trying to sleep this is the first time I could not sleep because of pain. I deal with awful pain all day but when I go to bed I sleep so great and I am not in pain, but last night I could not sleep, no position was comfortable! I can't sleep on my back anyway because of pain and because it makes my legs fall asleep, if I sleep on either side it hurts my back and the side I sleep on and that side falls asleep so I have been having to sleep on my stomach with my right arm under the pillow and my left over the pillow which has worked for the last 4 months but last night it was hurting my chest, back arms and neck I have an MRI coming up on my thoracic spine which I am freaking out about because I cannot stand the idea of any surgery... I literally have a huge phobia of surgery! Not because of pain but because of anastetic... I can't be put to sleep! It scares the daylIghts out of me!!! So I'm sitting here beyond stress worrying about what hasn't even happened or hopefully won't happen. I'm praying for a pinched nerve, wondering why he did not order one of my neck? I also mentioned that my doctor mentioned fibro... He said " oh I don't think you have that you would hurt all over" I'm like what do you think I'm here for? It's like he stopped listening after I told him about the spone pain! Another uncaring doctor who thinks he knows everything... Anyway, thank you for listening again friends hope your all feeling as good as you can xoxo

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