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Re: Hope, help, faith are the only words that come to my mind now

Originally Posted by Stomachhope View Post
I have this gnawing pain on left side of abdomen just below the left rib cage and spreads to sternum. Dr's diagnosed it as GERD few years back and put me on Pantaprazole 40 mg for 5 years and honestly I still used to get the pain while on medication even worse ( once a month on an average ) I stopped taking Pantaprazole from a year now and makes no difference( initially there was rebound acid) but the pain still comes on and off, starts slowly, then builds up and declines (a cycle of 1 week. )
The main characteristic of the pain is it increases when I stretch my body with arms up and at the same time makes me dizzy when stretching. Also whe I stretch I can feel the pain on my left side around my navel(belly button )and below sternum. My stomach also becoe bloated and can feel the shivers inside my body.I do not have diarrhoea or constipation. Performed endoscopy and everything comes back normal.I have months old kid to look after and this pain is making my life miserable. I just want to diagnose what it is and hope nothing serious.
I don't smoke and stopped alcohol.