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Re: Arthritis at 41?

My arthritis on fingers, started in my mid '40 and now I have arhritis lower back and hip area. Luckily, my GP rx'ed a good med. combo. that alleviates most of my arthritis-pains, except cold mornings.

I went to the Chiropractor who also works as Physical Therapy and she did an excellent job. Initially I went for my Pinched-Nerve but she took an X-ray after my complain of back-pain. Afterwards, she told me Arthritis in the lower back, around waist-line which sometime radiates to all way down to the upper parts of my knee areas. I know it's hard to get around with stiff and painful back and legs, but I always rely on my GP who is much better than specialists who rx'ed wrong arthritis med.

As to Chiropractor/Physical Therapy, I went twice a week, about one hour to 45 minutes session for three months' period. Not only my pinched-nerve around the neck getting better but also my arthritis pain started to subside. Through the experience, I think the most important thing is finding a good therapist who listens well to your arthritis-problem.

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