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Unhappy prolotheraphy induced peripheral neuropathy


need your help... exactly 2 months ago i went for my final treatment of prolotheraphy in malaysia. Doc palpated c1/c2 facet joint and it was painful. so he did a injection at base of C2 bone (licodane and dextrose) solution, was ok first 2 days on 3rd day while sleeping, had hand and leg burns, whole body jerk (tremors), and throbbing pain at c2 area on left side. i had 4 injections 2 at facet and 2 at occiput area.

went to 2 neurologist that said my nerve is burned from licodane and was given lyrica , later neurotin as lyrica had difficult side effects on me.

i was given zoloft on 3 weeks ago which i took at 25mg for 2.5 weeks. doctor increased it to 50mg and asked me to take neurotin 300mg per night.

i actually stopped taking all medication after i notice what is seretonin syndrome when i stopped zoloft cold turkey.

my question now is, some days i feel quite good, can walk around the neigbourhood and only get pins/needles/pains on legs/hands/feet mostly at nights but today i got it the entire day.

the pattern of improvement i had from day 1 was, after the initial attack which landed me in the ER, it got better for a few days and when i tried to exercise core muscles, i was in a lot of muscle pain the next day, difficulty breathing, throat burns, nausea, surrounding eye muscle weakness, pain in genitals. the 2nd phase seems to be getting worst where i took lyrica and reduced my activity. getting attacks mostly at nights, as days passed i notice improvement but not total resolution, the pattern is that i get ok a few days then when i over exert or for no reason i get an attack that is less severe then the previous week, although it is depressing as i think i am recovering.

today 2 months later, i have been more active and going for meetings, noticing symptoms only comes at evenings mostly leaving me happy most of the day. slight discomfort upon waking. my question is recovery from nerve burn (peripheral neuropathy) does it take this progression? and i was told by 2 neurologist it should resolve in 6 weeks to 8 weeks. well it is 8weeks today and i have pins/needles/pain on legs/hands most of the day which feels like an attack.

anyone has any idea what i should expect next? and do you think it is anything serious? do not have diebetes and had never had burns/pains/pins at extremities

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