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Re: What do I do? I'm a 23 year old orphan.

Such things happen in life.
I'm so sorry for your loss but I feel you have a bright side to this I'm an orphan to from the beginning I can tell you how hard it is.
You guys have got the lovable memories of your loved ones, on the other hand take me I was an orphan from my birth(i guess) i was in a orphanage till the age of 5, I was forced to leave it since it was low on fund from then I grew up on streets and now i found a job at a coffee shop.

i'm sure your sister will be alright just show her my post
tell her to get over with it and try to make out of the life which your parents gave.
you atleast got to have parents.I never had then except a picture of them but even it was stolen when i was living on the streets.

i don't know if my story makes you feel better but i wish all the world for you to get better.