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Re: Complications after anal wart removal? Scar tissue in particular.

I just wanted to give an update to everyone on my condition as it has been about six months post operation.

I have not healed all that great, especially considering the doctor mentioning that I was a less severe case of warts.

So, the good news first.

1) There is no sign of any warts reoccurring.

2) A few tests were done on the parts of my body that the doctor removed and it showed no signs of cancer or precancerous growths.

Now for the bad news.

1) There was a particularly nasty wart directly on my sphincter and directly on a part that is vulnerable to anal fissures. After believing myself to be completely healed (I even had extremely enjoyable sex a few weeks ago), the remaining scar tissue from this bad wart has opened up into a fissure. My doctor said he wants to see if it heals up on its own first but if it doesn't then I might need another surgery to repair it. My next appointment is at the end of the month.

After six months of this torture I sometimes think it might have been better to just leave the warts in there and let my body take care of them on its own. The warts made sex un-enjoyable but this operation has made sex far worse, and has dried up my bank account to boot.

To all those men reading this board I HIGHLY recommend getting the HPV vaccine Gardisil which is now covered for free under most insurance companies. Please don't put yourself through what I have had to endure.