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Smile Re: burning and itchy scalp. cured!!

I just use the oil on before go bed. that's is .
( or I apply tiny 1 drop whenever my scalp start to burning and itchy area)

I am not Dr .so I can't diagnosis or not sure if this oil works for you.
but in my case. it's works wonder
as I mentioned it before I did try Nizoral or etoconazole 1% and 2 % & ciclopirox shampoo( used 3 bottle)
and T-gel also shampoo contain salycilic acid , anything supposed to good to
oily itchy scalp dandruff ( I never have dandruff )
my scalp was pain like burning/ feel hot to touch/ pain is like when you touch
bruse .you know the feeling?
pain when I move my hair by finger ,feel like hair follicle or scalp pain.
cold weather time was more pain. ( windy day too)
I end up all over my body got pain because my body got tense
evey time my scalp start pain. as too much worry to lose hair and
deppressed to think that oh...the pain is starting again....
then I start to serch all over internet to try to find out why??
try to find out to any good Dr etc. my past 3 years is traped with problem.
I wish I did try the oil when I got it from my freinds.
as I was avoiding to use any oil as I though oil might be more aggravate
my oily scalp .
by the way. my scalp tend to oily if I skip shampoo for 1 day.
I can see my finger get oil after I touch my scalp and see the fingers.
also smell scalp oil.eww!
so I have to wash my hair every day.
I think end up I got dehydration with much oily scalp.

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