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Food not tasting good anymore

So for the past few weeks food in general just hasn't been tasting good. And when I think over all the kinds of foods I've ever tried or heard of, not a single thing sounds like it would taste good potentially, to the point where I get depressed at the idea of a world with no food that I like. I've even quit enjoying ice cream. ICE CREAM. As in, the very top of my favorite food list/my food obsession for my entire life. Nothing tastes good and I haven't been wanting to eat.

Before you ask, this isn't a side effect of some sort of eating disorder or something. I've always loved food. In middle school, I had no self control when it came to food and gained a lot of weight. I lost the weight and have had good self control the past few years.

Recently, stuff keeps happening where my mom takes me to eat out a lot (you should know that I'm a minor so when I eat out, it's usually not my decision, but when I'm home I almost always fend for myself) to the point where I feel gross and ask my mom if we can eat at home. But now we've been eating at home and I find that my eating habits haven't really improved. Since nothing tastes good it's been rare that I put in the effort to actually make a meal. But because I want stuff to taste good I keep going for foods that I usually love and since I'm not cooking that means I eat mostly junk food and not much else. And I'm eating out of routine, not hunger. But it's hard to make decisions concerning food when it all just seems the same. Like, I taste the differences in the different foods and I can tell what I'm eating, but the sense of enjoyment that used to come with eating something I like is now gone, if that makes sense.

I'm concerned about how unhealthy I've been as a result of all this. And then today my mom, who lives with me, said that she's been experiencing the same thing and has been having to make herself eat because she's a runner and gets sick if she doesn't have enough protein and calories.

Since both my mom and I are experiencing this, I'm thinking maybe it's environmental? Does anyone have any ideas as why this might be happening?

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