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Re: burning and itchy scalp. cured!!

Hi! Chinaski
yes. my scalp tend to more burning sensation when I start to think it.
right way the pain start . then automaticaly I start to worry more and
desapointed and deppressed .
for long time I thought it's caused by seborrheic stress is triger .
I try to not to think about it but couldn't help it .because I was so scared to lose hair.wonder that am I AGA? even thought all dermatologist told me that I don't have AGA & no infection on my scalp is looks normal but sometime just little reddish.
however my temple getting thinner since this pain start.
also lot of hair shed from the temple.
same as you ,my scalp is extremely oily then become dry ( my hair is dry too)
( I can see oil on my finger if touch my scalp by finger however my hair is so dry
)then I feel like that my scalp skin is harden when I have the pain.
it's might cause from tense.
I have apo with new dermatologist future soon ( very famous Drematologist. ) so I am going to ask how come the oil works suchh wonder.

I also like rene furterer oil. they have for oily scalp and irritated scalp.
( recommend you to buy any product's somehwhere you can return if your scalp don't like it. there is lot company has good return policy )
I think to find product what match with scalp is very diffuclut thing for
all sensitive scalp people and plobrem scalp people.
good luck!

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