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Re: Adding to the joys of walking....

Good for you for walking even a little bit! As they say--baby steps!

I just got into my CAM walking boot 2 days ago and I felt brave just touching my foot to the ground for an additional balance point when crutching around. I still plan on using the knee walker as much as possible. Just touching the boot to the ground makes my ankle super sore.

I'm planning to go back to work part time on Monday, and I'm pretty scared!

I used to live in Madison. I'm from that neck of the woods. It's a great city. (eat some cheese curds). I'm proud of you for going to a conference out of state. That takes guts right there! Good for you!

Keep your chin up and look at what you HAVE accomplished. You're making great strides (so to speak).

Surg repair of Peroneal Tendon Subluxation w/Fibular Groove deepening, Ligament reconstruction, debridement of osteophytes (spurs); orig injury 1976 car accident, broken ankle & femur

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