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Re: question about wifes comments on "size"

Honestly I'm speechless. One thing is your wife's behaviour, but you putting up with it? What's up with that?

Some couples like threesomes or the swinger life. Good on them if they can make it work. But if you talk to couples with this lifestyle you will find that their agreement is based on mutual respect, love and loyalty.

What your wife is doing is neither. She is talking badly about your size to manipulate you into a threesome or open relationship. That is just wrong.

Her actions reflect no respect, no love and no loyalty. She is blaming you for your size, making you take pills, she even tries to push you into a threesome or open relationship that you don't want. It's crazy.

The worst part is that she won't even compromise or try other things. There are many positions that allows the guy to penetrate deeper. She herself can train her muscles in her vagina so she becomes more “fit”. There are sex toys. Lots of stuff you guys can experiment with.

Unhappy or not, she has no right to treat you this way, but if you just lie down it's very easy for her to step on you. So get up, stand up and say “no”... It won't kill you.