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Re: Fibromyalgia and Muscle Atrophy

Thank you and good luck with your tennis elbow. I've always believed in use it or lose it when it comes to brains and muscles. I was very active before fms. When I'm out shopping and leaning on the grocery cart, watching other people, I sadly remember how I used to just book through store and focus on what I was doing. Now, I shop and focus on one foot in front of the other and pain. My mind just wants to throw the cart and walk like I used to everwhere. I don't get to far though. My mind says I'm just a whimp, suck it up. My doctor says stress and being an overachiever, I wore my body out and it doesn't have anything left. Ok, but I want to keep what I have left. I'm going to try light weights to see if I can keep what muscles I have. The pain will tell though.