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Re: So many symptoms :'(

Originally Posted by DanceBunnehx View Post
My symptoms all started about this time last year and have gradually got worse. I have had many blood tests done but they have mostly come back clear. The only thing that was abnormal was a small calcium and vitamin D deficiency that I am now taking tablets for. My symptoms are

-Dizzy spells, near fainting
-Tiredness, made worse by exercise and not really made any better by rest or sleep.
-Muscles aches, tension and joint pain.
-Sore throats(at least one a week) and tender glands in neck/jaw
-Ear aches, headaches, neck and back pain
-Feeling sick
-Stomach aches
-Diarrhea and constipation
-Not much of an appetite
-No motivation
-Anxiety, I avoid going out as much as I can because it makes me nervous and feel very ill.
-Racing Heart
-Struggle to get to sleep, keeping waking in the night, needing to sleep in the day.

I suffer all of these symptoms regularly. I have been assessed by a child mental health team but would like to be assessed again. My doctor thought I had depression but now she isn't so sure but she says I have anxiety issues. I see a school counselor but it isn't really doing anything for me and I have no idea whats wrong. Any advice or information would be much appreciated, these symptoms are ruining my life and I don't know what to do anymore. I don't go out and i don't really have any friends anymore, I am going back to school in a week and I have no idea how I am going to cope. I am a teen girl if that's any help.

Thanks- DanceBunnehx xx
Have you had a blood test done for mononucleosis? It is pretty common among teenagers. It is known as the "kissing disease" but is quite easily contracted through other means of contact, ex. Sharing a drink, using a pen than someone may have chewed on, or touching anything that someone's saliva may have touched. I would talk to your pediatrician if I were you.