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Re: Things that might help your prostatitis....


I've had lots of symptoms. The one that is the worst to me is the burning feeling of needing to urinate, even minutes after my last trip to the bathroom.

I had a really bad symptom for my first 6 months with this disease. I had this horrible itching feeling inside my penis, that lasted night and day, but especially bad after ejaculation and urination. I finally got a cystoscopy and the doctor found a tiny little bump at the base, which he said was causing the internal itching and directly related to the enlarged prostate pushing against it. Once I got the prostatitis under control with my diet, that bump thankfully disappeared and the itching subsided.

Also, pelvic pain, itching, buzzy anal pain, sporadic epididymitis are other symptoms I've dealt with.

99% of my symptoms are gone now. BUT, it never truly goes away for me. I think that chlamydia bacteria is firmly entrenched in my prostate and impossible to get to with today's technology. I have heard of promising medical technologies being developed, however, and I think within 20 years it will be completely curable. Just waiting it out and keeping symptoms to a minimum.

I'll go back to my alcoholic ways once its eventually cured